Five of the Best Dublin Pubs to Drink Guinness in

Pint of Guinness

Pint of Guinness

Visit Dublin and not have a pint of Guinness? That’s pretty unlikely, isn’t it! But where to have that first pint of plain? That’s a tricky choice, there are so many top-class Guinness-pouring pubs in Dublin city. We at Travelodge Ireland always want to help you out when you’re staying in one of our 5 budget hotels in Dublin so get ready for a pint of the black stuff at Five of the Best Dublin Pubs to Drink Guinness in.

1: The Palace Bar in Dublin City Centre

The Palace Bar on Fleet Street in Dublin, opening in 1843, the Palace Bar is perhaps more associated with writers of the mid-20th century like Patrick Kavanagh and Flann O’Brien. O’Brien liked it and the pints of Guinness the bar served so much that he was inspired to write the well-known poem, ‘A Pint of Plain’ which describes the pleasures of drinking a pint of porter. The bar looks like it hasn’t changed much since its first establishment and retains a historical old-world atmosphere.


2: Dublin Pub Toner’s

Toner’s has an unusual claim to historical fame. It’s reputed to be the only Irish pub ever visited by the famous poet, WB Yeats. Unfortunately, he didn’t stay long and he didn’t enjoy his stay. That would put him in a tiny minority, this is a Dublin favourite, close to our budget hotel in Stephen’s Green, and a wonderfully preserved bar with a waist-high counter and original dispensary drawers. Toner’s really looks like it hasn’t changed since it first opened on Baggot Street all those years ago.

3: Mulligan’s in Dublin City

If it was good enough for JFK, then surely everyone who enters the dark interior of Mulligan’s Pub on Dublin’s Poolbeg Street should be satisfied. John F. Kennedy visited it in 1945 and loved it but it is perhaps most associated with James Joyce who gives it a background part in his book Dubliners. The pub itself is full of historical nooks and crannies and is a great place to hide away from the bustle of the city for a few relaxing drinks.


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4: Dublin’s The Long Hall

The Long Hall on South Great Georges Street is one of the pubs that sprung up in the Victorian expansion of the bigger Irish cities in the 19th century and it’s been popular with locals ever since. It’s managed to retain that Victorian charm with panels of art nouveau glass, lanterns, muskets and engravings of long dead Russian emperors jostling for space among the authentic woodwork interior. An antique clock even forms the arch between the bar and the lounge. And it serves one of the best pints of Guinness in Dublin city.

5: The Gravediggers

John Kavanagh’s Pub in Dublin is known locally as the Gravediggers due to its location beside the historic Glasnevin Cemetery. First opened in 1833, it’s been a mainstay for locals ever since and really hasn’t changed much since its establishment. The gravediggers still come in for a pint after work and many of Ireland’s most famous literary figures have drunk there. No mobile phone use, no music; this is a pub to sit and chat and maybe stare at the ghostly figure who’s meant to sit at the bar and quietly drink his delicious pint of Guinness.