Belfast city guide – Get up and Go with Travelodge Hotels Ireland

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Belfast is definitely amongst the best cities to visit across the entire world, with hundreds of attractions sure to amaze any visitor to the city. When you take a trip around Belfast you can see everything from historic sights to fantastic modern attractions and some unforgettable views. We at Travelodge Hotels Ireland want you to have a great time when you visit the Northern Irish capital so we’ve put together this city guide to show you the best things to do during your stay with us in Belfast.

From our budget Belfast hotel located right in the city centre of Belfast it’s easy to get around the city and see the very best attractions that the area has to offer. Whether you’re taking a long holiday around Belfast or just want to check out some of the city’s best sights on a shorter stay we’ll help you plan the perfect time. Book a room in our cheap Belfast hotel online and you’ll get the best rates guaranteed, cutting down the cost of exploring the city.


Taking a trip around history and nature in Belfast

As the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast’s seen its fair share of major historical events. Travelling around the city you’ll find a whole lot of ancient attractions to explore. Belfast was founded all the way back in the Bronze Age and grew to incredible heights in the 19th century as one of the most important areas for shipbuilding (the infamous Titanic was Belfast’s most famous creation in this period).

Our Belfast history page takes you around the very best historical sights and attractions in the city, covering practically the entire of Belfast’s past. With the city having seen a rapid industrialisation, you’ll have to travel a little bit to see the oldest parts of Belfast. In the Cave Hill Park just next to Belfast Castle you’ll find ancient tombs and forts dating back thousands of years. Around central Belfast you can find some historical attractions that make the past a bit more fun, like the incredible Titanic Belfast exhibit.

Belfast is perfectly placed for anyone wanting to take a trip around some of Northern Ireland’s best natural sights and our budget Belfast hotel makes it easier than ever to get around. Our Belfast nature page shows off everything, but you’ll find natural areas everywhere around the city. Take a walk around the Belfast Botanic Gardens or take a day trip out to the famous Giant’s Causeway.


Cultural days and evenings around Belfast

If you’re interested in arts and culture Belfast has some must see attractions. With the Cathedral Quarter hosting the art campus of the Ulster University, there’s almost always something going on around the city.

Belfast has some great venues no matter what you’re interested in, with the Black Box being a particularly fascinating area – the space hosts everything from bands to dance parties, film screenings and artistic events. There’s something on practically every day so make sure you check out what’s going on.

If you’re looking for something more major, the SSE Arena hosts performances from the world’s greatest artists. You’ll also find a lot on at Belfast theatres around the city. We keep our arts pages updated with information about the biggest and best shows taking the stage every month to make sure that you don’t miss out on a great show when you stay in our cheap Belfast hotel.


Belfast’s best upcoming events with cheap hotels

While there’s less major events in Belfast than in some cities you’ll still find a range of great festivals taking place over the year. Our Belfast festivals page gives you a great look at what’s coming up over the year but there’s a couple of big events to point out.

In Spring and late Summer you’ll be able to check out a couple of different branches of the Feile an Phobail. By far the most impressive festival in Belfast, the Feile brings in everything from parades to big international artists, making for some truly great events.

Belfast doesn’t go in for celebrating big annual events as much as some places, but you’ll still find stuff going on around the year. We really recommend checking out the Belfast Christmas Market if you’re in the city between November and December (it’s the best rated Christmas market in the UK), while there’s parades for St. Patrick’s Day every year.

As the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast hosts all of the country’s home games along with a few big events throughout the year. Over on our Belfast sports page you’ll find a bit of information about everything that’s on the calendar, from association football matches to occasional Gaelic Games competition.


Budget 3 star hotels in Belfast

Our Travelodge Belfast Hotel is perfectly placed right by the Belfast City Hall. With public transport just a couple of minutes from our front door, you can easily start to explore the best parts of Belfast. Book a room in our budget Belfast hotel and you’ll save more than you can anywhere else, while still getting a great night’s rest.

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We’re committed to saving you money so we’ve cut out features that few of our guests actually use. When you book with us you’ll be able to add a few extra choices for your stay at a low cost – check in after a late flight through Belfast airport with 24 hour check in options or pick up any essentials you’ve forgotten from our reception area.


The best attractions, cheap hotels and more in Belfast

There’s far more to see in Belfast than we have room to include here. No matter what you want to do or see you can have a great time exploring the city. We’ve written up a guide to the Belfast Top 10 Attractions (and a few more) so that you can find the perfect thing to do during your stay with us at Travelodge.

We’re always writing more pages about everything there is to see around Belfast, so we’ve put a couple of guides here that we couldn’t fit anywhere else. If you’re planning on keeping up with your gym routine during a stay in our cheap 3 star Belfast hotel just check out our Belfast exercise guide. We’ve put together some information about great jogging routes and temporary gym passes.

Visiting Belfast with the family? Head over to our Belfast family attractions page for your guide to some of the city’s best choices for kids and parents alike.