Downhill Beach, Derry Visitor Attraction


downhill beach - shutterstock_14745283 (Medium)Downhill Beach is one of the most beautiful natural areas around the whole of Derry city. The huge beach stretches 11km of surf and sand and is probably the most relaxing beach in the whole of Ireland with its sheer size meaning that you won’t be bothered while taking it easy.

At the base of a 120ft cliff the beach is a tranquil area looking on to the Atlantic Ocean. Ireland is famous worldwide for its incredible pastoral beauty and Downhill beach shows these off better than almost any area in the country.

Whether you come on a sunny or rainy day, the area is absolutely beautiful and is well worth a visit when you stay in our convenient and comfortable Travelodge Derry Hotel. It’s fairly easy to reach the Downhill Beach with Derry transport, and we definitely recommend visiting the beach if you’re looking to explore Derry nature or just want a great time.


Exploring Downhill Beach and Mussenden Temple

Right at the top of the Downhill Beach’s cliff, you’ll find a small building. The Mussenden Temple overlooks the ocean and gives some perfect and pristine views across the waves. The temple was built as a library in the style of a Roman temple, and is now a National Trust site due to its completely unique beauty. Now accessible to the public, the temple is a totally unique area entirely different from anything else found in the UK or Ireland.

The sheer beauty of the temple and beach makes the area one of the most photographed scenes in the whole of Ireland, but the area still maintains its natural beauty with its location somewhat removed from Ireland’s cities. The temple and beach are very accessible from our cheap Derry hotel, with a short train ride taking visitors directly to this gorgeous and fascinating area.

The Downhill Beach has recently seen some worldwide fame as the filming location for some major scenes in the popular program Game of Thrones. The fantasy-like environment of the area played host to Stannis Baratheon’s conversion to the Lord of Light, and has been used for some particularly important scenes.

When you’re exploring the Downhill Beach, you’ll also find a few more archaeological sites. The ruins of Downhill Desmene should be a must see for any fans of poetry or history. Built back in the 18th century, the mansion was formerly thought of as one of the most sublime houses in the world. Now burnt down, the ruins of Desmene make for a great historical attraction. Nearby, you can explore 17th century life over at Hezlett House, which recreates everyday life in an interesting Derry history attraction.


Cheap hotels near to Downhill Beach

Right in the city centre of Derry, you’ll find our Travelodge Derry Hotel. While Downhill Beach and Mussenden Temple are quite a distance from the city, they are very accessible. Take a train from Derry to Castlerock (about a 30 minute journey), and you’ll be just a short walk from the beach and temple. With regular Derry transport, reaching and exploring the beautiful Downhill beach is convenient and easy.

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Suggested local Derry attractions

Across the Derry area there are a lot of attractions for visitors. To make sure that you have the best time possible while you stay in our cheap hotel rooms, we have listed some top things to do in Derry which we think you might enjoy. For more suggestions on where to visit when you Get up and Go with Travelodge, head to our Derry Top 10 Attractions page.

Derry Day Trips

With some gorgeous natural sights near to Derry, we’ve put together a guide to the best Derry Day Trips you can take from the city. The iconic Giant’s Causeway can easily be reached from Derry city through one of the world’s most picturesque train rides. If you’re looking for something a bit more active, the Wild Atlantic Way trail stretches across a huge section of Ireland’s west coast, and leaves from near the city, covering some incredible views across the Atlantic Ocean.

Museum of Free Derry

Dedicated to the Civil Rights Era, the Museum of Free Derry is a poignant experience, commemorating the past and looking toward the future. If you’re in the mood to learn about the history of Derry, this is a must-visit destination. Covering the city’s most infamous events, the museum and the nearby People’s Gallery are truly moving destinations.

Ebrington Square

One of Derry’s more historical locations, Ebrington Square has some great historic buildings on the site of a former army parade ground. Opened to the public in 2012 to give visitors access to some of the city’s more intriguing areas, the square is right next to the natural beauty of St. Columb’s park, giving visitors the chance to relax in a naturally beautiful area.