Temple Bar, Dublin Visitor Attraction


napkin bar - shutterstock_240756586 (Medium)Temple Bar is one of the most popular areas for a night out in Dublin with some incredible venues for everything from restaurants to nightclubs. The bar hosts some of the most innovative and stylish parts of Dublin city and is well worth a visit whether you’re in the mood for art, a restaurant, or a place to in the evening.

Travelodge Ireland Hotels has created this guide to the top places to go in Temple Bar so that you can have the best possible time in Dublin. We have 5 budget hotels in Dublin so that whenever you stay with us you will have incredible convenience in the cheapest 3 star accommodation in the city.


Top Restaurants in Temple Bar

If you’re in the mood to eat, Temple Bar has some incredible Dublin restaurants ranging from traditional Irish cuisine to innovative modern styles. We’ve listed a couple of our favourite places to eat in Temple Bar, but if you find a hidden gem, let us know on our social media pages!

Gogarty’s: The traditional cuisine of Ireland tends to be fantastically rich, needing fresh local ingredients to really amaze. Gogarty’s certainly succeeds here, with their food prepared straight from local markets. Absolutely recommended for anyone looking for some heavy food.

Cleaver East: Excelling in modern cuisine, Cleaver East serves up some brand new types of dish with style. The presentation of some of their more innovative dishes (Duck Croquettes, anyone?) is only really surpassed by their great taste. You’re sure to find something original whenever you head to this Temple Bar restaurant.


Best Nightclubs in Temple Bar

Temple Bar’s nightlife is particularly famous with the area having been renowned as the best location for Dublin nights out. There are some great nightclubs across the area, and we have chosen a couple to tell you about.

Club M: With over 20 years of history you can be sure that Club M is a great destination, with an amphitheatre-style building providing a unique venue for some top-quality club nights. Open Fridays and Saturdays, Club M is great if you’re staying in Dublin for the weekend.

Alchemy: A recent development, Alchemy’s impressive décor transforms nights in Dublin into majestic experiences. With its great, convenient location and Friday- Sunday club nights, Alchemy is rapidly gaining a golden reputation as one of Dublin’s top clubs.


Other Things to do in Temple Bar

Along with an incredible number of ways to spend evenings and nights, Temple Bar has some great arts venues. We definitely recommend stopping off at the Irish Film Institute to catch one of its regular showings of independent and classic films. The Institute runs annual festivals dedicated to specific genres or events, and we will be running pieces on these on our Blog to keep you all updated.

Temple Bar also hosts the annual TradFest, gathering some world-famous bands into intimate venues. If you’re in Dublin at the end of January, we definitely suggest that you head down and check it out. The TradFest focuses on traditional music, but many of the acts bring in a modern twist or play in completely different styles.

The Temple Bar Art Gallery is a great area for seeing modern art, with unique exhibitions running throughout the year. If you’re interested in seeing more of the city’s art, check out our Dublin Museums page, which points out some of best galleries in Dublin like the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

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Suggested Local Dublin Attractions

With so much to do in Dublin it can be hard to decide on where to go so Travelodge has provided a guide to some attractions near to Temple Bar which we think you might enjoy. On our Dublin Top 10 Attractions page you can see more of the best attractions around Temple Bar.

Guinness Storehouse

Located at St James’s Gate Brewery, a short trip from our city centre hotels, the Guinness Storehouse takes you on a journey right back to the early twentieth century when Arthur Guinness Son & Co. Ltd started production of one of Ireland’s most celebrated exports, the distinctive Irish dry stout enjoyed the world over. And best of all, you can savour a pint of the black stuff in the top-floor Gravity Bar, all included in the admission fee!

Dublin Galleries & Museums

Dublin has an array of fantastic museums and galleries to interest the most exacting culture vulture. Centrally located and convenient for all Travelodge Ireland’s Dublin hotels, you can wander through 3 different National Museums, wonderful libraries and art galleries of the highest calibre including the world famous Book of Kells.

Dublin Zoo

With over a million visitors every year, the Dublin Zoo is definitely one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions for a reason, with a comfortably housed collection of some of the world’s most endangered species. Right next to Phoenix Park, the zoo has everything from lions to penguins and sealions.