Giant’s Causeway, Ireland visitor attraction

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The Giant’s Causeway is one of the best known attractions in the whole of Ireland. Created in a volcanic eruption millions of years ago, the causeway stands out into the ocean in one of the most iconic images of Ireland’s beautiful nature.

Over the years, the causeway has come to be a famous part of Irish mythology, with many speculating that the area was created by the famous giant Finn McCool. McCool apparently created the causeway by hand as a bridge so that he could fight an infamous rival giant in Scotland.

However you want to imagine the origins of the Giant’s Causeway, in the modern day, the area is an amazingly impressive sight with thousands of hexagonal basalt columns stretching from the coast into the sea.

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Sights near the Giant’s Causeway

With an impressive visitor centre and some beautiful natural sights, there’s a lot for any visitor to the Giant’s Causeway to see. If you’re interested in seeing a few more sights around the causeway, head to the nearby Coleraine village.

If you’re taking a train to the causeway you’ll be heading through Coleraine. Take the 172 Ulsterbus service down to the Giant’s Causeways to save on entry with a green discount for the visitor centre. Stay in the town a while and explore some of the relaxing areas of the town, or head out to some of the amazing areas nearby.

The village of Bushmills, including the famous distillery, is just a short distance from Coleraine, and makes a great attraction for those interested in Ireland’s history. Bushmills has the oldest existing distillery in the whole world, making it a unique visit. Immortalised on the 2008 series of Northern Ireland’s £5 notes, the distillery is an iconic image for those exploring the north.


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Derry is one of the lesser known but most impressive cities in Northern Ireland, with the astounding Wild Atlantic Way route beginning from the city and some amazing attractions inside the ancient Derry City Walls.

From the city you can reach the causeway through a route described by Michael Palin as ‘one of the most beautiful rail journeys in the world’ from Derry to Coleraine. The train runs across the coast of Ireland giving you some great views as you approach the causeway itself.

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If you’re more interested in seeing the better known parts of Northern Ireland, head to Belfast city for a cheap central hotel with amazing access to both the Giant’s Causeway and some of the most famous areas across the whole of Ireland.

From Belfast you can reach the causeway via a train from Belfast to Coleraine or a tour bus running from the city centre. While Belfast is further from the causeway than Derry, it has some amazing attractions for anyone interested in nature and amazing views like the Belfast Castle.

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Suggested attractions across Northern Ireland

We at Travelodge Hotels Ireland take pride in giving our guests the best time possible when they stay in our budget hotels across the country. To make sure that you don’t miss out on the amazing things that you can do while on your trip we’ve recommended a few of our favourite things to do in Belfast and Derry.

If you’re staying in Belfast then check out our Belfast Top 10 Attractions page to find out about the amazing things you can see in the largest city in Northern Ireland. For Derry, start to explore the city’s traditions, history and beauty from our Derry Top 10 Attractions page.

Downhill Beach

A major filming location for Game of Thrones, Downhill Beach and the nearby Mussenden Temple are famed as some of the best examples of natural beauty in Ireland. The Temple which was built at the top of a cliff gives great views across the sea, and excellent access to the beautiful beach, one of the largest and most picturesque in Ireland. Easily reachable from Derry city centre, the beach and temple are must sees for anyone coming to the city.

Titanic Quarter

The Titanic Quarter contains the world’s largest Titanic themed attraction where visitors can relive the story of one of the world’s greatest ships which was constructed in Belfast before it made its ill-fated maiden voyage.Titanic Belfast comprises galleries, special effects, rides, reconstructions and interactive features which will appeal to all the family.

Derry City Walls

The Derry City Walls are some of the best preserved old city walls in the whole of Europe, with some amazing sights for those taking a walk around the original walled city of Derry on top of the walls. Stop off at the magnificently designed Derry Cathedral or head to some of the pubs that housed early performances from bands like the Undertones.