Weekend Breaks across Ireland with budget hotels


tourists coffee shop - shutterstock_162664232 (Medium)With some amazing tourist attractions and beautiful natural areas, Ireland is a great choice for anyone wanting to take a weekend break. At Travelodge Hotels Ireland, we specialise in giving you a great stay on a budget, so we’ve put together this page to tell you a bit about the great cities of Ireland where you can find one of our cheap hotels.

As part of our dedication to giving you the best time possible we’ve suggested a few of our favourite places to see around Ireland and given you some links to our extensive city guides. Click through to our other pages to find out more about our budget hotels along with everything you need to know for a great stay in Ireland.


Suggested Weekend Breaks in Major Cities of Ireland

From the hugely popular attractions of Ireland’s major cities to the more tranquil and natural sights further out in the country there’s really something for everybody in Ireland, and we want you to see the very best of it whether you’re visiting the country or just heading to a different city for a weekend break. No matter which city you stay in you can see some amazing attractions around the area or by heading out on a day trip.

If you’re staying around Dublin city we really recommend that you check out the Guinness Storehouse, the most popular tourist attraction in Ireland. The storehouse takes visitors through the history of the famous Black Stuff in a genuinely interesting way, topped off with a drink at the highest bar in Dublin.

There’s so much to do in Dublin that a weekend isn’t enough to see all of the Dublin Top 10 Attractions, so take a Dublin Tour around the city to find out more about the best things to do. If you’re in the mood for an artistic stay, we’ve got articles to give you some information about the impressive Dublin Galleries and what’s coming up inDublin Theatres.

Belfast city is famous as the capital of Northern Ireland with some great city attractions like the unique interactive attractions at Belfast Titanic and the famous Belfast Zoo. If you’re planning on staying over the weekend we recommend that you spend a day checking out the fantastic views recently used for filming hit series Game of Thrones.

With much of Northern Ireland used for iconic scenes, the area around Belfast is great for the show’s fans as well as anyone who enjoys nature. Head on a Belfast Tour to experience the best parts of the city with a fun and interesting guide.

Heading to Limerick city from Shannon Airport or visiting someone at the University of Limerick? From the rustic beauty of areas like Adare village to the exciting modern events at the annual Limerick festivals there’s sure to be something ideal for you. We recommend that you start off a weekend break with a delicious local breakfast at the Milk Market before heading out on a Limerick Tour to see some great attractions and ending the night in style at one of the amazing Limerick Restaurants.


Great ideas for Weekend Breaks in the smaller cities of Ireland

If you’re not in the mood for the busy areas of the biggest cities of Ireland, you can get some absolutely amazing weekend breaks around the rest of the country. With Ireland’s natural beauty famous worldwide, you can really connect to the traditions and culture of the country. Backed up with impressive attractions across the country, the smaller cities are great choices for a quick weekend break.

Famously connected to the culture, language and history of Ireland, Galway city has a tranquil and welcoming environment which makes it ideal for anyone looking to spend a weekend in Ireland. Just travelling around the city is a great experience, whether you’re exploring for yourself or on a Galway Tour. Stop off around Quay Street for an incredible way to experience traditional food, drink, and incredible music all year round. We absolutely recommend taking a day trip out to the famous Cliffs of Moher or the picturesque expanse of Connemara National Park.

With some major locations a short journey away from Cork city, a weekend break is the best way to explore the area. You can get directly in touch with the history of Cork over at the infamous Spike Island or head to the iconic Blarney Castle to get the ‘gift of the gab’, if you believe the legends about the area. If you’re out on a weekend break with the family we really recommend stopping off at Blackrock Castle, a unique attraction which combines a historic location with incredible modern technology to create an exciting day out for all the family.

The famous walls of Derry city enclose some top attractions for anyone heading to the maiden city. Whether you’re taking a Derry Tour or walking around the walls yourself you’ll come across some fantastic places to spend some time. For many people, Derry is most notable for its access to some fantastic attractions around Northern Ireland. Head on a Derry Day Trip to the famous Giant’s Causeway or the gorgeous sights of the Mussenden Temple.

As the oldest city in Ireland, Waterford city is ideal for anyone planning on exploring the historical side of the country while taking a weekend break. In a day you can explore the amazing Waterford Museums centred round the Viking Triangle to find out about the immense history of the city in an exciting and unique way. Take a second day to visit Tramore Beach, one of the most popular areas for a holiday in Waterford. With a relaxing beach next to a quiet and friendly town, Tramore is a great way to get away from city stress.


Budget Hotel Rooms in Ireland with Travelodge

At Travelodge, we’ve listened to our guests and found out that you care more about getting great deals on accommodation and saving money more than you do about the extras that no one really uses. We’ve cut out the things you don’t use from our hotels to make sure that you get unmatched deals with Travelodge.

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If you’re planning on taking a family day out or weekend break, you can get even better deals on our cheap hotels. No matter whether you’re staying in a single bed room or anything up to a triple, you’ll pay the same low rates so that families staying in one room don’t need to pay extra.

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