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About Travelodge

Everything you need, nothing you don't!

Travelodge Ireland is Ireland's leading provider of budget hotels with 12 hotels in Ireland. We offer great locations with 5 hotels in Dublin, 2 hotels in Limerick and hotels in Belfast, Derry, Galway, Waterford and Cork. We offer excellent value and hospitality in order to meet the needs of both business and leisure guests. Rates available all year round from as low as €39.

At Travelodge, the hotel revolution doesn't stop with just the price. We've carefully designed our hotels to give you all the things you need without having to pay for things you don't.

Pay for things you don't want? That's crazy!

Our research shows that most people staying in a hotel simply want a clean, comfortable place to get a good night's sleep, and are happy to forgo the unnecessary "frills" offered in the other stuffy, over-priced establishments.

So we make sure we provide good quality essentials such as a comfortable bed and a decent quality shower, but get rid of unnecessary extras. This means that we can strip out these additional costs, and pass on the savings to you in the form of great-value prices. But to help explain in more detail, here are answers to some of customers' most commonly-asked questions…

Why don't we provide a range of toiletries?

Most people staying away from home will pack a toiletry bag, so don't need miniature bottles of synthetic-smelling lotions and potions. But if you have forgotten something, Travelodge hotels sell a range of basic toiletries from vending machines in every hotel.
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Why don't we provide a hairdryer or an iron in the room?

As most customers don't need a hairdryer or iron during their short stay with us (or bring their own), we don't incur the unnecessary cost of providing these in every room. But if you need either a hairdryer or iron / ironing board, simply ask our reception staff and they'll be happy to lend you one free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.
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Why don't we give you loads of towels?

Every room is given two towels (except for single rooms where there is one). We believe this will meet our customers' needs but you are welcome to take any additional towels from reception if you wish. For Travelodge to continue delivering highly competitive pricing, we must constantly review operating costs to eliminate unnecessary spend. In addition, a reduction in the amount of items to be laundered is more beneficial to the environment.
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Why don't we have bath mats?

People slipping on bath mats is the cause of thousands of accidents every year, and we'd prefer you leave us in one piece! In most bathrooms, the bath surface and the floor have enhanced slip resistance and there are hand rails, so it's as safe as your bathroom at home (if not safer).
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Why don't we have heated towel rails in the bathrooms?

Again, for safety reasons. Hot towel rails are responsible for burns and scalds, and we don't want to take that risk with our valued customers.
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The tea and coffee tray – no teapot or biscuits?

No, again to keep costs down. You can make a decent cup of tea by sticking the tea-bag in the mug (indeed, many people never make tea any other way!) so why incur the cost of a teapot? Most Travelodge hotels have vending machines, so if you're feeling peckish you can purchase a snack from one of these.
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Why haven't we made up the sofabed in your family room?

Apart from the fact that you may want to use it as a sofa first, having staff on hand to make up the beds would be an added expense – which would have to be passed on in the form of higher rates. But our sofabeds are very easy to pull out and, as we provide duvets and cased pillows, all you need to do is tuck on a bottom sheet. Voila!
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Can you have more pillows?

As well as the pillows on the bed, we also provide a spare on the wardrobe shelf, and most customers find this meets their needs perfectly. But if you need more, simply ask at reception and our staff will be happy to provide more.
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